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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right size Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi?

Every type of product we stock has a size chart and comes in a wide range of sizes. While our gi's follow standardised sizing, if you're not sure which one will fit you, the size chart will help. The fastest way to find the best size is to measure from your shoulder to your wrist, and your head to your feet. Then check the size chart and match up your numbers with whichever is closest.

For more accuracy, you can measure around your chest, hips, and arms. If you're still unsure, contact our team and we'll be able to help you out.

Do I need BJJ rash guard?

If you’re participating in BJJ competitions, wearing a rash guard beneath your gi is mandatory. You will need to wear a rash guard under your BJJ gi if you're competing. And if you're entering a no gi BJJ competition, you will need to be wearing a rash guard.

However, for regular BJJ drills and sparring sessions, it isn't required - but we would still recommend wearing one as they help stop rashes and prevent skin infections.

What gear do you need for BJJ?

If you plan to join a BJJ session, there are some essential BJJ gear that you will need.

First and foremost is the gi. A BJJ gi helps provide protection from scraped skin or mat burns, and teaches you to control your opponent in training.

You'll also need a rashguard if you plan on doing any competitions. While they're optional for training, they come highly recommended for preventing injury and rashes.

For your legs, many people choose either spats (pants) or shorts, but that comes down to personal preference or the regulations of competitions.

The final piece of the puzzle is your belt, which marks your rank. Many gi's will come with belts, or a belt will often be provided by the school you're training with.

Optional (but highly recommended) extras include a mouthguard and groin guard, ear protectors, and knee pads.

For kids, we recommend everything on this list, as there's nothing worse than getting injured during training. All our bjj wear is made with quality in mind, so you can be confident whatever you order from us will perform well on the mat!

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