Jiu Jitsu Bottoms

Designed for comfort and performance, our shorts will keep you humble on the mat and ready to perform at your best. Made of a super stretchy, super comfy polyester/spandex blend they're perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Grab yourself a pair today! Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear these shorts for other martial arts?

While our shorts are designed for BJJ by BJJ practitioners, they're great for other martial arts like muay thai, judo, wrestling and more. However, because they're designed for BJJ they may not be competition legal for other martial arts. If you’re looking for muay thai shorts, mma fight shorts or shorts for other mixed martial arts, make sure to check the regulations before buying.

Our shorts are comfortable, breathable, and durable, making them perfect for practising most martial arts. They'll support you in fights and are lightweight enough to give you the edge you need to perform at your best.

What other gear do you offer?

We stock a range of BJJ gear, including gi's, rash guards, and more. All our products are high quality, designed to give you the best results whether you're training or competing. We add to our collection regularly, so if there’s something you’d like that isn’t in our range make sure to check back soon! Alternatively, you can subscribe to our email list for updates or send us an email to make a request.

Do I need MMA shorts for practice?

While they're not essential, shorts can make your life a lot easier. They're easy to move in and ensure there's minimal resistance on your legs when grappling. Plus, they're breathable and lightweight, making them great for training sessions in the hot Aussie summer.

Many of our customers are simply more comfortable in shorts. MMA shorts help them make the most of training sessions while staying cool and comfortable throughout.

What are your MMA shorts made of?

All our shorts are made of a high-quality polyester/ spandex blend material. This gives them the durable, breathable properties that our customers love. All our clothing goes through extensive testing to ensure it’s up to standard and will deliver the results you need to perform at your best on the mat.

How do I choose the right size MMA shorts?

Our sizing is based on standard Australian clothing sizes for shorts and pants. Take your pants size and compare it to the size chart on each product page for an accurate estimate of what size shorts you'll need. If you're still not sure what size you'll need, contact our customer service.

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