BJJ Rash Guards

Our full range of BJJ rash guards. Available in a range of designs and sizes, including kid sizes. Stay comfortable and ... Read Moreconfident in practice or competition.

Do I need a rash guard for BJJ?

Rash guards are essential for BJJ. While they're optional for training, they're mandatory for competitions, and highly recommended either way. BJJ rash guards are designed to protect against friction and skin irritation caused by the friction of the Gi on your body. They also help keep you cool during training.

What's the best rash guard?

When it comes to rash guards, everyone has different needs and preferences. Rash guards come in a variety of styles and materials, including compression-fit or loose-fit, and short and long sleeve rash guards. It's important you choose a high-quality rash guard that fits you well. Humble Fightwear BJJ and MMA rash guards are made using high-quality materials and designed to give you the confidence and comfort to perform at your best.

How can I choose the right size rash guard?

When selecting a rash guard, you should choose a size that is snug and form-fitting without being too tight. If you haven't worn one before, you'll want to measure at least from your shoulder to your wrist, and your head to your feet. Then, if possible, measure around your chest, hips, and arm. Matching your measurements with the closest sizes on the chart will give you a good idea of which size will fit you. We stock a wide range of sizes, ranging from XX Small to XX Large and XXX Large. If you've checked the size chart and you're still unsure which size will fit you best, contact us and a member of our team will be able to help.

What are BJJ rash guards made of?

All our rash guards are made of a high-quality poly/spandex material, designed to be durable and provide you with comfort and flexibility. With the material being both lightweight and durable, Humble Fightwear rash guards are perfect for any martial arts activity! Read Less...