Shipping policy

Shipping and Delivery

  • Any deliveries outside the City of Perth will be shipped and delivered by normal or specialised couriers.

  • In the event that no one is present on-site to accept delivery, you acknowledge that you accept all potential risk liability with respect to those Goods once delivered.

  • If delivery of your Goods is delayed or is unable to be completed for any reason, the shipping service provider will try to communicate with the Customer directly. We will be contacted by the shipping service provider if they are unable to get in touch with the Customer directly. Some common causes for shipping delays and failed delivery attempts may include:
    • Missing Delivery Street Address. In this instance, we will attempt to contact the Customer to obtain the needed information.
    • Missing Delivery Contact Number. Our assigned delivery drivers and our operations team require a contact number in case they need to contact the Customer for any concerns regarding the delivery.
    • Incorrect Address. Orders cannot be delivered when the delivery address provided is incorrect. It is important that the Customer check if the correct delivery address has been entered when placing an order.  In the event, delivery was attempted to the incorrect address provided, a re-delivery and change of delivery address fee will be charged.

All external shipping and delivery services we organise are strictly at the request and on behalf of the Customer.  All risk of loss or damage to the goods passes to the Customer when we dispatch the Goods, and the assigned shipping service provider or agent has taken receipt of the Goods on behalf of the Customer.