Humble Fightwear Athletes




We are happy to announce we have signed Jake O'Discoll to our roster! for you who might not know, Jake is a black belt under Edison Moraes from Coringa BJJ and is also frequently coached by Ash Williams.

 Jake owns his gym in Perth, Western Australia, called Essence BJJ, one of the leaders in no-gi grappling in it's state. We are honored to have Jake on the team and cannot wait to support him in achieving his goals this year!

 Jake's drive and work ethic are super impressive, and his coaching abilities are diverse, technical, confident and direct. In addition, he is an amazing dad to his daughter Ava to top it all off.

 Here are just some of Jake's achievements:

- 4x National Champion
- 5x IBJJF Sydney Open Champion
- 7x AFBJJ WA State Champion
- M16 open Superfight winner
- AGC Superfight winner
- ADCC Nationals silver medalist
- Multiple Pan Pacs silver medalist
- Boa Super 8 Competitor
- Subversion Competitor

Off the mats:

What's your weight and height?

77kg, 170cm

What's your favourite thing to do other than Jiu Jitsu?

"I like to enjoy time with those closest to me. Going to the arcade, movies or escape rooms are always a good time"

What's your favourite food?

"I have a massive sweet tooth! I love white chocolate and sour worms"

What's your favourite submission?

"I love a good rear naked choke and heel hook"

What's your ultimate goal in life?

"My ultimate goal in life is to spread love and kindness to those around me and raise my daughter to be the same"



Renan Dantas is a true embodiment of what Humble Fightwear strives to promote. Born in Brazil he relocated to Perth, Australia to learn English and experience a new culture. He started BJJ as a way to learn self defence and since the beginning of his Jiu Jitsu journey has competed regularly, having done so at every rank along the way. Dantas has competed in Brazil, locally in Perth and nationally across Australia in superfights and tournaments. He currently holds a brown belt which he received on February 10th 2021 after 7 years of training. He strives to help others as much as possible and has a goal of opening his own gym to help others become better and achieve their goals. Renan also works as an instructor with an initiative to bring Jiu Jitsu into schooling in Western Australia called Clear Path Jiu Jitsu. 


Here are some of his past achievements from here in Perth and also back in his home, Brazil.

- Brazilian National Champion
- Pan American Champion
- South American Champion
- 4x SGT Perth Champion
- SGT State Champion
- São Paulo Open
- Pan Pacific

We look forward to supporting Renan in his jiu-jitsu journey, he's a great guy and shows so much respect to everyone he meets and knows. He holds exactly what the brand is about. 

Off the mats:

What's your weight and height?

73kg, 173cm.

What's your favourite thing to do other than Jiu Jitsu?

"Go to the beach".

What's your favourite food?


What's your favourite submission?

"Bow and arrow".

What's your ultimate goal in life?

"Open my own gym and help my students to archive their goals".




Josh “Peaches” Stolton was first introduced to Jiu Jitsu in the form of Japanese Jujitsu when he was 6 years old. Born in Sheffield, England, Josh’s parents wanted him to build confidence and to learn self defence skills. At the age of 16 the Stolton family relocated to Perth, Australia, the birthplace of Humble Fightwear. The “Peaches” moniker comes from this time as well.


When he first relocated he wanted to keep training in martial arts and came to his first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lesson in a singlet that was either orange in Josh’s opinion or peach coloured in his first coach’s. Since then the name has stuck and is now spoken in awe and respect whenever Stolton competes. Being an active competitor locally, nationally and internationally, Peaches has a high competitive drive to match his high level black belt skill. Attaining his black belt in BJJ in July 2019 Stolton continues to pursue his dream to be able to compete and coach full time.


Here are some of Peaches accomplishments to date:


 Black belt:

-ADCC Australian National Champion.

-SGT Gold medalist.

-Grappling industries runner up.


 Brown belt:

-Double Gold Pan Pacific championships.

-SGT Gold medalist.

-Go grappling super fight winner.

-ADCC Perth Gold medalist.

-AFBJJWA state no gi champion.

-AFBJJWA state gi champion.


 Purple Belt:

-Pan Pacific champion.

-AFBJJWA state no gi champion.

-AFBJJWA State gi champion.


 Other notable achievements:

-Multiple time Australian National Olympic weightlifting champion.

-Represented Australia in Olympic weightlifting.


Keep an eye out for Peaches he is super talented and is a perfect example of how effective Jiu-Jitsu is when executed no matter what size you are.

Off the mats:

What's your weight and height?

61kg, 150cm.

What's your favourite thing to do other than Jiu-Jitsu?

"I love drinking coffee".

What's your favourite food?


What's your favourite submission?

"Heel hooks".

What's your ultimate goal in life?

"To be happy and just do Jiu-Jitsu forever".





Matthew “Kaos” King is different to our other athletes in that he did not get his start in combat sports with grappling. As a young boy while not training he still enjoyed combat sports. Partly inspired by his familial connection to martial arts with his grandfather being a boxer and his mother training karate but also hugely inspired by Muhammed Ali for both his boxing achievements and for doing so during a racially unequal period of history.


At age 15 as he was initially getting into fitness and gym, King was exposed to Muay Thai for the first time. He started training and within 6 weeks had his first fight. After that first 6 minute fight he was hooked and fought anyone and everyone he could get booked against. Whilst still in his young age he traveled to Thailand to pursue Muay Thai seriously. He lived there for a few months and fought whilst he was there.


At age 19 Kaos realised he wanted to experience life more whilst still in his youth and so he took a break from combat sports. 8 years later he signed up for a mixed martial arts gym and once again fell in love with the constant learning of combat sports once again. Now training in BJJ, Wrestling and his base of Muay Thai, Matt’s aspirations lead to fighting in mixed martial arts. Balancing work and training he competes in grappling and fights mma where possible. He plans to dominate the Australian MMA and BJJ scene with aspirations leading to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. An up-and-comer with an exciting style and history Matthew “Kaos” King is one to keep your eye on.


Here are just some of Matt's accomplishments to date:

- 61kg WMC Muay Thai state champion.

- BattleGrounds grappling invitational winner.

- Porrada Pro Champion.


Off the mats:

What's your weight and height?

92kg, 183cm


What's your favourite thing to do other than Jiu-Jitsu?

"I love training all kinds, weights, CrossFit, MMA etc. But, away from training, I love downhill mountain biking. It's something about the mix of high adrenaline, speed, knowing that I'm on the edge of danger but with control. The need to think in the moment while pushing myself mentally and physically excites me."


What's your favourite food?

"Oooh, if I've got to say my mums cooking in general if I were to say a favourite dish though it would have to be her biriyani(a rice-based curry with all the spice and flavours), away from my mum's food I'd have to say a good Thai Green curry has to take first place!."

What's your favourite submission?

"My favourite submission would have to be a rear-naked choke. I enjoy the challenge of taking the back, fighting the hands and sinking in the choke, all whilst being in complete control. It’s an achievement every time. ".

What's your ultimate goal in life?

"My ultimate goal in life is for my parents to look back and say I’m proud of my son. Although my parents will say, they’re proud. But, I want it to be for how I am with other people. I wish almost to be a beacon for everyone around me to be their best selves. I want those people to chase and achieve their dreams. I want those people to hold themselves to their highest standard and live their lives to their full potential. I want to be positive energy and light in the room that spreads support and positivity. Nothing saddens me more than seeing someone sell themselves short. But opportunities are everywhere, especially here in Australia, and we have to capitalise on that."




Kauai “Lil Coringa” Nunes is Humble Fightwear’s youngest athlete who currently holds a green white belt in BJJ which he received in 2021. Kauai was raised on the mats having been born into the martial art through his father Fabio Nunes, who is both a 6th Dan black belt and a successful coach. Kauai’s nickname “Lil Coringa” also comes from his father who was nicknamed Coringa, meaning Joker as a child in Brazil. This went on to become the namesake of his gym and was passed onto Kauai.

He was born in Rio De Janeiro but relocated to Perth, Australia with his family when he was young. Now having been training BJJ for over a decade Kauai is the definition of both a martial artist and competitor. With the drive and skill to match, he has competed across the country and internationally in Brazil. With aspirations set on the biggest tournaments and the most prestigious super fight cards in the grappling world, Kauai is an up-and-comer you definitely need to keep your eye on. 

 Here are just some of Kauai's accomplishments to date: 

- 5x Western Australian State Champion

- 6x Perth Open Champion

- 2x Aussie Summer Champion






Jessie Weston is one of our original Humble Fightwear athletes from the inception. Getting her start in martial arts through Judo she was inspired by her father who is a black belt judoka. During her 15 years in that sport she traveled domestically to compete and also trained at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and achieved the rank of brown belt.


After a decade and a half of training and competing in Judo, Weston decided to broaden her skill set and try something different and thus this brought her to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2017. Since entering the sport, Jessie has strived to compete at every opportunity and at every belt rank. Currently she holds the rank of purple belt which was awarded to her in September of 2021. She also works as an instructor with an initiative to bring Jiu Jitsu into schooling in Western Australia called Clear Path Jiu Jitsu.


Here are just some of Jessie's accomplishments to date: 


- WA Judo representative at National Judo Competitions 2005-2015.

- AFBJJ no-gi Champion

- SGT gi gold medalist

- IFBJJ gi gold medalist

- SGT no-gi silver medalist

- IFBJJ no-gi bronze medalist