Custom Club Designing



"Why humble? Its my favorite! all my other rash guards are getting neglected"

"I prefer it no-gi of course. But its the only rash guard I can wear under my gi for 5 rounds without getting too hot and taking it off."

-Mike Featherstone, Owner of Legion 13 Perth Hills.



"Honestly, they are the best gi's I've ever worn! I've done other gi's but they are epically light, soft and comfortable. You guys should be so proud!".

- Jessica Petchell owner of Iron Python BJJ, Tom Price WA.


" Can not recommend Humble Fightwear highly enough! Amazing looking gear and none of the hassle getting it right! " 

- Kane Stone owner of Roar Defence Academy 


What we can do:

We can design all your gyms Jiu-Jitsu gear and apparel eg; Gi’s, rashguards, MMA shorts, hoodies and t-shirts. With as many revisions of the design as you like. We want it perfect too.

As well as designing all the gear for you, we can also have it made and delivered to your gym. This means all the work with supplier communications, English barriers and back and forth time-wasting design issues is a problem of the past. We can handle it for you. This gives you more time to think about training, your business growth and the service you provide to your members.

And if that doesn't suit your needs we don’t need to manufacture the gear for you but we will do all the design work and create exactly what you want. We will sit down with you and talk through exactly what you envision, how you want it, what colours and material you want it in. We will not only design a one of a kind design for you but we will do colour variations of the agreed final design for free. Either choose to buy the designs at a very affordable price or we can add all the measurements and work with your supplier cutting out all the communication hassle for you and your business.

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